Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome back, A.J. (and you too, Troy!)

A.J. Burnett was muy macho in his return to the lineup, giving up one run and two hits in 7.1 innings, leading the Jays to a 4-1 win over the Royals.

...and featuring Joey Gathright as the Homerburglar
We don't have that much love for Joey Gathright, a Giant Tiger version on Corey Patterson who can run like the wind, but likely wouldn't break in to any lineup other than the Devil Rays or Royals. But we have to bow in deference to the two -count 'em, two - home runs he stole from Aaron Hill this weekend.

The bats awaken
We won't get ahead of ourselves here, but seeing Troy Glaus get two hits in consecutive days helps to at least alleviate the affects of our Jays-induced ulcer. Moreover, the swing that Lyle Overbay put on his two-run double in the fourth was the best that we've seen from him since his return to the lineup.

Put out, 9-2
Well, colour us impressed. Not only by the throw that Alex Rios unleashed to throw out David DeJesus at the plate in the third, but also the great job that Gregg Zaun did field the throw and tag DeJesus in the backside. Rios' defense gets overlooked, what with the fine season he is having at the plate, but also with the Gold Glover to his right. Rios has eight baserunner kills this year, and deserves mention amongst the best defensive outfielders in the AL.

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