Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We enjoyed that 9-2 loss a little too much

Matt Stairs would have given A-Rod a right good tunin', given half the chance. He's instantly become our pick to replace Gibby next year.

Of course, all that glaring from the third base dugout didn't do a lick of good on the scoreboard, as the Jays promptly went to sleep at the plate for the rest of the night. (Except for Frank Thomas, whose swing looks remarkably quicker over the past week.)

Throw a little more gas on that fire, Gas Can
We haven't seen the quotes printed yet, but in the post game interviews with Josh Towers, he called out Yankees first base coach Tony Pena as a "quitter" for his vaguely graceless exit from the Royals a few years back. Nice. Then again, Towers will also be looking at a graceless exit himself in a few weeks, if not days, given his five inning, five earned run outing tonight.

Rios is the Jays' biggest star, and he's about to cost them
We noted with interest that Clemens plunked Rios in the seventh, which we'll take as proof positive that other teams now consider him the biggest star on the Jays. (Okay, we admit that it's a little specious, but go with us here.) With today's signing of Eric Byrnes to a three-year, $30 million contract, the bar has been set for the deal that the Jays will need to cough up to keep Rios this offseason.


RobotGlasses said...

I think Towers is staying, moving to the bullpen and Frasor's being dumped.

My favourite moment of the bench clearing was seeing Halladay holding back Butterfield with a giant smile on his face. I think it may have been the first time I've seen Halladay smile.

And an excellent suggestion for Stairs as the new manager.

Andrew said...

I was at the game, (watching from a box for the first time ever) and I was among the very few on that level cheering Towers loudly. I also applauded him when he left. It was a very small moral victory, but hey, take them where you can! Towers and Macdonald aside, I was a bit disappointed by the general lack of passion shown by the Jays.

Darren Priest said...

Towers was just trying to come inside. He said so himself.