Friday, August 3, 2007

Well, mash our 'taters

It's a win! With runs! And they're driven in by Frank Thomas!

And yet again, Doc gets a win in a game where he (at least from what we've zipped through on the DVR) didn't seem to have his absolute best stuff.

Meanwhile, in our Nation's Capital
Fortunately, we've become immune to lousy offensive performances, otherwise, the next-generation Jays from Syracuse would have driven us nuts with their 5-0 loss to the Lynx. The Chiefs managed just three hits (two in the ninth inning) off of, oh, let's call him random prospect number 21. (Okay, it was J.A. Happ. But we had to look it up.)

Speaking of the letters "J" and "A", A.J.'s appearance in Ottawa has been confirmed.

Working over time
Just a reminder that we'll be doing some extra work over at Neate Sager's Out of Left Field blog while he's off on vacation. We'll probably be "repurposing" some material from here, but with a whole fresh twist. Also, we keep threatening to talk about hockey, but then we remember that trying to have a reasoned discussion about hockey with puckheads is kinda like trying to have an honest discourse on sophistry in Plato's Gorgias with an attacking grizzly bear. It's probably just better to get outta there while you can.

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