Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another night, another nail biter

Our cuticles can't take much more of this. (Seriously, those aren't really our nails, because that's just sick. Yeesh.)

Tonight's 2-1 win over the Angels was yet another in a series of close games where the Jays should be burying teams, but fail to move runners over or drive them in. Gregg Zaun in particular seemed to leave the entire roster on the bases at one point or another tonight.

But at least he threw out a runner.

We won't look gift wins in the mouth anymore, though, especially since tonight's victory puts the Jays three games over for the first time since April, and allows them to pick up a full game on Seattle and the Yankees for the Wild Card.

No, really, we still think in terms of the playoff race. That's why they call us die hard fans.

Marcum es MUY macho
We'll admit that we've been waiting for Shaun Marcum to turn back into a pumpkin and day now, but we like his smarts on the mound more with every start. Marcum won his fifth straight tonight, running his record to 10-4, and dropping his ERA to 3.31, the eighth best mark in the AL. Can you dig it?

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