Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Of Doubles and Ws

The Jays went nutty-cuckoo with the doubles tonight, racking up nine off Yankees pitching en route to a 15-4 laugher. We have to admit that we were thoroughly impressed with the Jays' approach tonight, driving the ball gap-to-gap and keeping the line moving with patience and smart hitting. (It's enough to make us tear up, just a little.)

Once again, let us praise Frank Thomas
Thomas went three for five with three RsBI, two doubles and a run scored. The three driven in bring his total in that category to 14 in the six games since he sat in Tampa. Moreover, Thomas has now taken over the team lead from Alex Rios, a feat that would have seemed unlikely a week ago.

Once again, let us mourn Troy Glaus
Though he walked and scored twice, Glaus still looks lost at the plate. He struck out twice, and has not driven in a run since July 30. Since his two homer game on July 16 versus the Yankees, Glaus has seen his OPS sink from .952 to .805.

And really, is there anything Matt Stairs can't do?
Matt Stairs hit leadoff tonight, rocking not only the house, but also the boulevard. His two doubles off Chien-Ming Wang set the tone for the evening, and helped chase the starter in the third inning.

Next up
Three against the Royals. And before we get excited, let's remember what the Jays do against the punching bags of the AL, especially right after they knock the stuffing out of a contender. We don't want to be negative...We're just sayin'.

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