Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So that's that. Another frustrating evening at the plate, topped with three Jays errors lead to a 6-2 loss and a split against the mighty mighty Royals.

Wilner, unleashed
We haven't had much of a chance this year to listen to Mike Wilner's postgame Jays Talk program this year, but decided in our frustration last night to tune in. Wilner was every bit as good as the fellas at Drunk Jays Fans describe, while the callers were just brutal. If you've never listened, just imagine a bunch of puckheads spewing the inanities that they use all year in their frustrations at the Leafs latest defeat, but trying to impose that axiomatic bunk onto baseball. "The Jays, they just don't got any heart." "They need some veteran leadership." We were half expecting someone to break out the idea that if the Jays were going to win, they need more Canadian players. (Maybe they can sign Gary Roberts.)

Oh, and one more thing
Odalis F'ing Perez? You've got to be kidding.

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Parkes said...

Sadly, a caller the other night actually made the suggestion that MLB should adopt a rule like the CFL, so that the Jays would have to always have at least one Canadian on their roster.

Sometimes I wonder if Wilner is really that good or if it's just the call screener is brilliant at connecting the stupidest people in the city.