Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cheek for Frick!

It's become customary at around this time of year for Blue Jays fans to whip themselves into a frenzy to get Tom Cheek onto the final ballot for the Ford Frick Award, a broadcaster's trip to the Hall of Fame.

At times, it has been a task that seems destined to lead to heartbreak, with some other broadcaster's "turn" always seemingly coming before Tom's.

Enough. Now is Tom's time, and now is our time to help put him over the top.

The fan voting portion is being held on Facebook at under the "Polls" section. And yeah, we wonder ourselves why they are doing this vote in this manner, but whatever. (If it means that you have to join Facebook, then so be it. Tom's worth it.)

At last look, Cheek had more votes than anyone of the dozens of names on the list, and accounted for 28% of all the votes. A huge number of votes from the fans might not mean squat for the Illuminati-like group who make the final decision...but it couldn't hurt could it?

Get out, vote early and vote often.

(And incidentally: If someone with the Rogers Baseball Operations wants to prove to the fanbase that they are not a bunch of fatuous gasbags, maybe they could get off their hands and use their multitude of platforms to get the word out and get the vote out for Tom. It's the least they could do.)


infieldfly said...

Based on the fact that nearly 80% of the vote is split between Cheek, longtime Expos announcer Jacques Doucet (a good second choice really) and Joe Nuxhall, I'm guessing bloggers are the only ones promoting this vote in any way so far.

I'm happy to see Cheek out in front, but if this poll has any effect on the ultimate deciders, people other than those three might need to receive more than 1 or 2 votes each.

Tao of Stieb said...

I've heard before that it is Nuxhall's "turn" this we'll see what happens.

But it would be great if even one or two of the final voters looked at that outpouring of sentiment and decided that Cheek must have had an impact.

The Ack said...

Agreed. The only positive, er, non-negative, if Tom doesn't win this year would be if Nuxhall wins, because his name seems to be at the top of the "leaderboard".

Then again, I'm sure another well known name would pop up and take his place.


Anonymous said...

Tao, the same Rogers group that has Bl e Jays in the outfield? Or even Cito's name screwed up out there? and is nickeling and diming the payroll ? I hope the best for Cheek and his vote BUT the team needs to get asses back in the stadium and fix the letters on the wall first!

eyebleaf said...

If we can get Cheek into the Hall, it will have been a good winter.

Handsome Tony Viner needs to pull some strings.

Tao of Stieb said...

I'm reasonably sure that Handsome Tony Viner will note that this was a part of his plan all along.

Anonymous said...

How is Gaston's name on the Level of Excellence wrong (because it's up there in the first place?)? I've never noticed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't wait until White Collar Narcissus and Lothario to the secretary pool Tony Viner chimes in on where exactly the memory of Cheek fits in with his 'Handsome Tony's Blue Jays Omnibus Plan®'.

I'd like to think, no hope, that it is merely a matter of time before Cheek gets the recognition he deserves. I'd hate for it to be reduced to a question of 'if'.

Tony Viner said...

Look, Tom cheek was a great broadcaster and a hero to all Jays fans. He deserves a spot in the hall, and I have contacts that will get it done. I just have to appease their lovely wives for them first(Chateau Briand and a Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac 1996, in Cabo, possibly).

I have worked day and night to build up this wall of deceit that adumbrates the profits I have generated for my company, and the gambit shall be revealed in good order, when my adversaries least expect it. Once the young core establishes themselves definitively, I will commit $150MM to payroll in an astounding move that will shock the world.

Look, my schemes are never easy to comprehend for the layman, who has no idea what it's like to be a sexy, smart, handsome business tycoon like me. Sure, I am sneaky and even a liar, but nice guys finish last. Do you want some little saint running your team in the real world of snakes and Steinbrenners, or will you just trust Handsome Tony Viner with the future of your happiness?


Handsome Tony Viner

Tao of Stieb said...

New T-Shirt:

I Trust Handsome Tony Viner

Fox Mulder said...

I want to believe.

Anonymous said...

"Sure, I am sneaky and even a liar, but nice guys finish last."

bahaha... handsome tony rules.

Anonymous said...

Scoots to Boston apparently, which will put a dent in the Type A free agency compensation the Jays get via the draft. Of course, accumulating a gaggle of draft picks means squat if you can't sign some of your top 100 picks.

I half expect Handsome Tony to get his hands dirty during the negotiation period after the draft this summer. Not sure what Handsome Tony has in his quiver of contract negotiating tactics. Lies? Intimidation? Agent Abduction? A Rusty Crowbar? A Well Tanked Private Jet with Clearance from US Authorities to Make 'Unscheduled Stops' at Guantanamo?

Um, so if Prospect Porn is the new standard to determine baseball fan zealotry, what exactly is someone who salivates at the idea of the high number of draft picks? A Future Fetishist? Tony Viner?

Tony Viner said...

"Lies? Intimidation? Agent Abduction? A Rusty Crowbar? A Well Tanked Private Jet with Clearance from US Authorities to Make 'Unscheduled Stops' at Guantanamo?"

All of the above. Call me a bad guy. But trust me.

Yours truely,

Handsome Tony Viner

Ian H. said...

Having the vote on Facebook seems so unofficial ... they may as well have put it on Myspace.

Oh well, I'm casting my ballot for Cheek every day regardless.

Darren Priest said...

Yeah, that voting location seemed pretty dubious. Especially since it required you to add some poll software to your account, but I did it anyways.

Gil Fisher said...

I went to Indigo and I couldn't find this "facebook".

Anonymous said...