Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Three wishes for the Winter Meetings swap meet

Recognizing that we've spent much of the last five months being something between a Debbie Downer and an Negative Nancy, we've recommitted ourself to bring a little sunshine and optimism around these parts for the next little while.

Can you feel the positivity flowing through your monitor at this very moment?

Rather than piss and moan about the lack of happenings or movement, we've decided to float out into the universe three simple wishes for the Solstice Confab in Indianapolis. And if we only get one out of these three cravings are met, we can live with that. Heck, we could handle the meetings ending with none of these three wishes met, because we're Happy Tao. (Or at least, we aspire to be.)

Wish # 1 - A Major League Addition
Whether if by free agent or trade, we'd like to have a shiny new toy under the tree by week's end. It doesn't have to be much of anything, or some earth-shattering signing. Just some guy who has played big league ball somewhere and who can step in a do something at some point next year. We'd happily take a Josh Willingham, for instance.

Wish # 2 - An Interesting Rule 5 Pick
The last Rule 5 pick to really stick with the Jays was Corey Thurman back in 2001. (Okay, Randy Wells got one inning of work in 2008. Which isn't really sticking as we perceive it.) There isn't a ton of MLB ready talent that is sitting on the outside of other teams' 40-man rosters...but then again, the Jays have some space on their 25-man to possibly give a dude a chance.

Wish # 3 - Resolution to the Roy Halladay Sweepstakes
Because at this point, we just want him to get on with his career, and we want to get on with the business of our fandom. We're not holding out for this package or that prospect or what have you. We would just like to get this bit of business out of the way.

Is that so much to ask? And what do you have on your list, boys and girls?


eyebleaf said...

1. Fire Cito.

2. Trade Doc.

3. Fire Cito.

None of these will happen by the time the meetings are over.

Darren Priest said...

I am still following the Doc trade developments with great interest. It's interesting to see teams display a lack of interest when Doc is the kind of player that could have changed the outcome of the playoffs for at least three teams.

Beeston sure is starting to look like a buffoon, eh? Never saw the Party, but I think I have a good idea how funny it would have been. I'll have to look for it.

I think I like angry Tao better though. Just sayin'

The Ack said...

Yeah, my wishlist is a little more specific.

1. Cito steps into his advisory role earlier than expected.

2. I want 1B to be settled. At this point, I don't see any way Overbay comes back.

3. And here's the biggie - no Doc trade to the Angels. I've said the same thing about 14 different ways...but there are just no proposed packages (with the Angels) that I've seen that are even remotely interesting.

Saunders/Mathis/Bourjos? Fuck. Right. Off.

That is not a trade that "adds to the core" going forward. A mid-rotation guy (maybe) who can eat 180 innings, a defensive catcher, and a minor league "prospect" who's only OPS'd over .800 one time - in the lowest levels of rookie ball? Come the fuck on.

Even if you add names like Aybar, who's a nice player, or replace Saunders with Santana/Weaver, I'd rather sit on Doc and take the picks. AA has to do better than that.

I think Tao dumped his Angry onto me.

Peter D said...

Tao, I think you will get wish #2, however, I'm starting to think that is all you will get.

Tao of Stieb said...

I know...you have to include some low hanging fruit in there.

An Overbay trade might be nice before the end of the proceedings.

eyebleaf said...

I want to change my #3 to: Acquire Nick Johnson.

Tao of Stieb said...

I dunno about Johnson. I kinda get the feeling that all of that time on the DL has made him fat and slow.