Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy May Two-Four!

Actually, most of you are probably pulling your shit back together after spending the long weekend boozing it up and mixing in a Jays win over the White Sox in there somewhere. We, on the other hand, have been felled by some sort of viral head and sinus voodoo whammy that has kept us in bed and dopey for much of the weekend.

The plus side of this is that we have a somewhat legitimate excuse for hocking big green phlegmy loogies all over the city. (Well, not really, but we've coughed up a couple anyways.) Also, we were able to stay in bed and watch yesterday's imperfect but ultimately satisfying performance by Roy Halladay in the Jays 8-2 win over the Pale Hose.

On that TSN2-Rogers dealy thing
So first off, we owe Bob McCown an apology for doubting his sources at Rogers that this deal between the cable giant and CTVglobemedia was going to get done this weekend, in time for us to enjoy the dulcet tones of Rod Black on Tuesday.

It's just that whenever Bobcat says that a "little birdy" told him something, it so seldom comes to fruition. But, as the Bobcat would say himself, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every so often.

So Blue Jays fans on Rogers' cable system can rejoice and enjoy as the pictures and sounds come screaming through their copper wires live from Boston this week, then promptly go back to ignoring the fact that TSN2 exists.

We're guessing we're just going to listen on the radio, as we'd planned all along.


The Flying fadoo said...

Future little drunk son a bitch smiling like a fucking lil devil! Fucking unreal.All I wanna know, how the hell I can watch this online and what is the password???!!!Damn TSN2....

Anonymous said...

for anyone who doesn't know, tsn2 seems to be available on channel 59 on non-digital rogers cable

Tim Johnson Tales said...

how bout the grab by Rolen in the 3rd inning today...

Its an added bonus that Lind seems just fine playin DH and not pissed that hes not in the field.

Good for BJ Ryan, good fukn stuff

Let the good times roll, boys