Friday, May 1, 2009

You didn't think this would be easy, did you?

So from what we've heard and seen, it's taken all of three days and one rough series for a whole gaggle of fairweather fans to heave themselves over the side of the bandwagon and run for cover so that they wait with baited breath for Brian Burke's next flatulation.

Really, did you think this season was going to be easy?

It was easy to forget this with some nice outings from Brian Tallet and Scott Richmond over the past few weeks, but what the Royals series has amply demonstrated is the fact that the Jays have a serious issue right now with their starting rotation. We're fortunate that the team got off to a quick start, because they will need to hold on for dear life over the next two weeks as they await the returns of Ricky Romero, Casey Janssen and Jesse Litsch from the DL. And in the case of those last two, we're really not sure what we're going to get upon their return.

The upside is that this team, left for dead by many in the offseason, is six games over .500 at the beginning of May and is swinging the bats in a way that we haven't seen in years. Even in yesterday's 8-6 loss to Kansas City, the Jays continued to scrape and claw back into the game until the end. Were it not for the old bugaboo of the double play (a team record six yesterday), they may have busted yesterday's game open early on. If's and but's...

Say hello to the AL East
It seems absurd that this weekend's series agains the Orioles represents the Jays' first crack at their own division, but there you go. By the end of the month, the Jays will have played two series with the Orioles, two with the Red Sox and a three game series against the Yankees.

Add to that an interleague series against Atlanta and a five game western road trip, and you have the makings of a difficult and pivotal month for the team's fortunes going forward.

Roy Halladay: Not a moment too soon
After a couple of dubious outings from the starters and our second look at Brian Burres (who pitched his way back to Sin City), we get a very welcome visit from the Doctor tonight. Halladay (4-1, 3.75 ERA) takes on former Jay Mark Hendrickson, who is goofy-looking and occasionally owns the Jays.


eyebleaf said...

"Fuck off, Burres."

I hope to never see that man again.

What an April. Here's to May.

Anonymous said...

Who's an idiot? Jamie Campbell. Why is he an idiot? This morning on the Fan, he said that Burres will likely start Tuesday for the Jays.

eyebleaf said...

Gone to Vegas: Purcey (yes!), Burres (double yes!), Bullington.

Coming north: Cecil (boner), Robert Ray, Brian Wolfe.

Tao of Stieb said...

Robert Ray!

Ray is totally our dark horse this year to come out of almost nowhere and tear it up. This year's Marcum.

We just went from six to midnight. Boner!

Layth said...

I hope your guys about Ray. Too bad they are bringing up Cecil. He did not look good in Vegas but I guess we will see what Arnsberg can do with him.

I would have really liked to see Wade Miller come up. He's at least had a cup of coffee or two in the Show.

Gay Jays Fan said...

"We just went from six to midnight. Boner!"

Come to my house big boy.

eyebleaf said...

Layth: In Arnsberg We Trust.

Gay Jays Fan: That was some funny shit.

Layth said...

Do you think we can get some "In Arnsberg We Trust" shirts made up and sold at the Cable Box? They wouldn't sell like the Gaston jerseys we all see but I think they could be a hot item.

Anonymous said...

It's a big mistake, Cecil isn't ready yet. Castro would have been a much better choice. This is another one of Jp's fiascos. why fuck this kid up, now? They can bring Castro or anyone lese BUT Cecil. Jp is ruining these arams along with Arnsberg, what is this ? Don't be surprised if cecil is shelled when he pitches....he hasn't done that well in Vegas BTW.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we can get some "In Arnsberg We Trust" shirts made up and sold at the Cable Box? They wouldn't sell like the Gaston jerseys we all see but I think they could be a hot item.

You mean Arnie the Arm mangler shirt? Arnie can make a pitcher BUT boy how many pitchers are on the DL? Wilner claims that it's a coincidence BUT it's not. He's spinning big time that Wilner.

eyebleaf said...

Shutup, Anonymous.

Layth, we're working on the shirts:

In Arnsberg We Trust
I Believe In Scott Rolen
The Cito Effect

Layth said...


I knew I could trust you to be working on something so great.

Although I will only start believing in Rolen if he decides to change his plate music. Maybe this recent road trip he was exposed to some more Rockin Rolen type music. He's one bad weekend away from walking up to the plate listening to The Fray.

Darren Priest said...

I hope Robert Ray is good and that they play that "Jimmy Ray" song for his starts.