Saturday, May 9, 2009

West Coast road trip blues

Not a great morning in the house (mom's basement) of the Ack today. Ignoring the feeling of my throat being on fire, the sensation of a spike being driven into my sinuses, and a mild draught beer hangover (boo fucking hoo, right?), there was snow falling as I dragged my carcass out of bed. On May 9th. Snow. Awesome.

Oh, and our beloved Jays handed a game to Billy Beane's Oakland A's last night, stranding 10 runners in the process and unable to overcome the A's five-run 2nd. Ironically, the bright spot for the Jays was the man who shit all over that 2nd inning, Scott Richmond. Call me crazy, but I thought he showed the poise of a ten year vet by bouncing back and shutting the door the rest of the way.

No matter, a Jays win this afternoon behind Brian Tallet's moustache and a beyond-the-recommended dosage of cold medication should snap me out of this funk, right? No? Fuck off then. Er, I mean, go Jays.

Last-minute minor league news and notes
Admitting the mailed-in nature of the post, some minor league takes for you:

Lansing - after a slow start to the season, 19-year old burner Kenny Wilson has found his singles stroke (not like that, perv) and is currently riding a 6-game hit streak, during which he's amassed 11 hits, 6 steals - and perhaps most importantly, only 3 K's. Keep your eye on this kid.

Dunedin - Ricky Romero got slapped around in his first rehab start, to the tune of 6 runs over 4 innings pitched, but he only walked one batter and rang up five K's. I'm not concerned. Get well soon, Ricardo.

New Hampshire - Brian Dopirak put up a PlayStation line with his 5 for 6, 2 HR, 8 RBI effort in last night's annihilation of Connecticut. At 25 years old, Dopirak needs to make a move soon, but his stats line thus far in AA is cartoonish. Also, breakout prospect Brad Emaus continues to rake.

'Vegas - let's just not discuss David Purcey's start last night. It's for the best. Um, get well soon, Ricky.


Tao of Stieb said...

Maybe it was "Hit a Ginger Night" last night at the ballpark.

Purcey's working on a new delivery, so here's hoping that he's working out the kinks.

(Oh, right, we weren't supposed to mention Purcey.)

Go Dopirak!

eyebleaf said...

I'm not sure what is worse: Purcey's line, or snow in May.

Drew - LtB said...

Ignore everything that happens in the PCL. It means nothing!


The Ack said...


Anonymous said...

He's under the age of 50(Buck Coats)? Cito won't use 'im!He would be better than lazy ass Alex Rios, tough......

Tao of Stieb said...

You mean Buck "Skin" Coats, whose .321 batting average is good enough for 19th in the PCL?

(Is the PCL a Tee-Ball league?)

eyebleaf said...

This might be a dumb question, but I was told there's no such thing, so, why the fuck is PCL so hitter-friendly?

And how about that effort from one Brian Tallet? He's making a strong case to remain in the rotation. And, as has been mentioned here before, it's fun to see him run to first base.

Anonymous said...

I could be way off base here, but I believe the PCL is a hitter's league because of the high altitude of some parks or the atmospheric conditions of the desert or Area 51 being close to Vegas or some combination of the above.

blert said...

I could be way off base here but I believe Brian Tallett is so awesome beause of the altitude of his awesomeness.

wheeler-josh said...

Snow in May? Where the fuck do you and your mom live?