Monday, March 3, 2008

If it weren't A.J., we'd call this absurd

Jeff Blair reports that A.J. Burnett isn't throwing any curveballs this spring because, get this, he hurt his fingernail in his car door. No, really.

The kicker is that A.J. hasn't bothered the team's medical staff with this, but has instead gone to the salon to get a fake nail glued over top of the injured digit.

We'd like to fool ourselves into thinking that we're going to see A.J. bust out with a big 17-to-20 win season, and help lead us into the promised land, but this just doesn't bode well.

Red Sox beat writers are as confused by CityTV as we are
Imagine our embarrassment at the thought that someone outside of Toronto might have tuned into Sunday's "shameless infomercial" (as per Zelkovich) Jays-Reds broadcast on CityTV. Art Martone from the Providence Journal's excellent Sox Blog tuned in, and was "completely befuddled". Just imagine how we feel.

Bonus Coverage: CityTV is awfully proud of the broadcast, and has posted video evidence of Kathryn Humphries' "Alex Rios is Hot" piece for your consideration.


Harold said...

that video is just. wow.
it's something.
it's just.

Anonymous said...

This is the power of Alex Rios. He is so hot that he turns women in blabbering idiots.

Wait, what? She was like that with all the players? Well, uh...nevermind then.

sager said...

Gotta laugh like hell at Citytv hyping up its "unique flare."

It's flair. A flare is a baseball term for a soft line drive that drops in for a hit -- not that anyone at Citytv would know that.

Extreme.fajitas said...

I hope everyone at City wears at least fifteen pieces of that "flair" to work today.

Darren Priest said...

I'm not one to defend AJ Burnett, but you make it sound like he went to the salon on his own, but the story seems to suggest that it was in consultation with the pitching coach. Not really a "kicker" so much as the best they can do under the circumstances.

But don't let me distract you from your nit-picking!

Anonymous said...

Awfully proud??

They should be fucking ashamed.