Sunday, March 2, 2008

Thoughts on the CityStyle broadcast

Admittedly, we probably blew out our most salient insights in the comments section of the Drunk Jays Fans' liveblog, but here are a few thoughts on today's broadcast:

-Gord Martineau: It's as if it were the first game that he saw since Willie Upshaw's heyday. Also, really drunk.

-That bald guy with the goatee: His vague attempts at demonstrating his mad baseball knowledge were as fumbly and awkward as a we were running drunken game at a frosh party.

-Kathryn Humphreys: Not nearly as funny as she thinks, but we at least give her credit for busting out with the "Is is awkward in the shower?" question to Gregg Zaun when discussing how hot Alex Rios is. Also, "If you were a pork chop, what sauce would you smother yourself with?" Possibly hung over.

-Barb DiGiulio: Everybody loves Barb after today's game. We totally respect her ability to interview the geriatric snowbird fans without seeming cloying or too hip. Also, kinda milfy hot.

-Patrick Elster, Jays VP of Douchiness: Still evil. Also (as noted by the DJF) looks exactly like Jerry the King Lawler.

It wasn't much of a broadcast, but then again, they had promised us rank amateurism by virtue of the fact that they sent the City crew to do the game. It was really only intended to be an infomercial for the Jays ticket office, and we can get on board with that.

Sweet sweet karma
Early on in today's game, they announced that the phone system for the ticket office went kablooey. Maybe the system wasn't used to receiving calls from the 416/905.


Torgen said...

Of course, if phone-ins from T.O. crash it and ones from Boston don't, wouldn't that mean Boston didn't buy that many tickets?

Tao of Stieb said...

Clearly, we haven't completely thought through our revenge fantasies.

The Mad Hatter said...

So here's a further mystery for you to consider/investigate/dismiss completely...

As far as The Home Opener goes, why is it that if you want to buy tickets to just that game, the Jays' website bounces you up to the 500 level...yet if you sign yourself up for a 10 or 15 game flex pack, you seem to be able to get seats almost anywhere you damned well please?

Jesse's Girl 1 said...

They reserve good seats in case someone who buys a flex pack for downstairs wants to include the Opener. When/if they don't sell the reserved tickets through flex packs, they put them up for sale, so check up on it a week before the Opener and I'm sure you'll get some.

Tao of Stieb said...

Excellent point on the 200 and 100 level tickets being held back. We tend to like the the 200s, but the Blue Jays ticket office seemed to prefer that we keep our filthy money and shunted us into the 500s for opening day. Rat bastards.

That's fine, though. We'll pocket the extra $90, and maybe spend it on tickets to a Tigers game.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I enjoyed it. I took it for what is was worth, and hey- any Spring Training TV is welcomed.

The only real beefs I have with it is
- The 2008 Virgin broadcast? Maybe TSN or Sportsnet should have handled it.
- Someone needs to teach Martineau what a segue is. Talk about being all over the place.
- Damn it! Less Commercials!

Other than that, It really brings me to back in the day when everyone would cover the Blue Jays because they were the IT thing. Like 30 minute pre-game shows, non-tradional stations doing Blue Jays stories.

I also like how they did a foreshadow interview with CITOOO.

But what I really want to know is your thoughts on the CityStyle BBQ.