Monday, March 17, 2008

How other teams deal with the teeming Red Sox hordes

While the Blue Jays ticketing office has gone out of their way to accommodate Red Sox fans, the Cincinnati Reds have put the screws to the Masshole diaspora.

As reported last week in the Consumerist, the Reds are forcing fans who wish to buy tickets to the Interleague series against the BoSox to buy them as part of a four-pack of games.

Some former Bostonian who wanted to buy eight tickets to each game for him and all of his douchey members of the Masshole Nation was up in arms over the fact that the Reds were completely inflexible on this scheme, and forced him to buy 96 tickets instead of the 24 that he wanted for just those three games on that weekend. (Well boo-fucking-hoo for you.)

Maybe the Reds aren't being as "business-savvy" as the Paul Godfreys and Patrick Elsters of the world, but we salute them for not facilitating an invasion of their home park by the Most Obnoxious Fanbase in the World (TM).

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Anonymous said...

Props to the Reds for keeping those filthy, bad-accent, manny-being-manny, twice a century championship losers from ruining America's pastime.