Thursday, March 6, 2008

David Eckstein is a March Masher

We're no fans of scrappy, gritty, slap-hitting middle infielders. Unless they can hit the long ball, like Mighty Masher David Eckstein.

Little X hit a monumental towering shot deep into left* for a grand slam in this afternoon's fake game versus the Pirates. (*Or at least that's what we've read into Cathal Kelly's description on his liveblog of the game.)

This might be a little optimistic and premature, but based on today's performance we're predicting 30 homers for Eckstein this season.

Also, Dusty Lambchops is getting roughed up a bit, but we're not going to read to much into it. After all, it is just Spring Training.

Blairsy turns that frown upside down
In his mailbag today, Jeff Blair acknowledges the critical role our little blog post played in making him reflect upon his crusty ways, and in helping him to go forth with positivity and enthusiasm in all of his future pursuits. Like Oprah might say, we're changing the world and changing lives, one beat writer at a time. (You're next, Elliot!)


Torgen said...

Of course Jean Machi later picked up a Fake Blown Save and a Fake Loss.

Anonymous said...

I guess Gibbons has to take them out for pizza now.