Friday, March 14, 2008

ESPN can't get their fill of the Blue Jays

It's been an ongoing gripe of Blue Jays fans that the team rarely if ever gets any profile on the Four Letter Network to the south. (It's all a part of that rather ugly inferiority-cum-smug-superiority complex that we Canadians have going for ourselves, but that's an entirely different blog altogether.)

Amazingly enough, the boys in powder blue will be on the main network (not "The Ocho!") on Wednesday (vs the Red Sox) and Thursday (vs the Yankees) of next week. Their opening day matchup versus the Yankees will be on also be on the main network. Granted, ESPN is likely more interested in the other teams for those games, but it would be a kick to see what flat-earther Joe Morgan has to say about this year's team.

Both of the fake games, incidentally, will be on Sportsnet.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

For some reason, all I saw there was Baseball on sportsnet.

I am ready for a good ol'e Joe Morgan intangible drinking game.