Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's the Jays' Scrappy Grit Quotient?

So let's see. They add scrappy gamers Eckstein and Rolen, but they release gutsy heart-filled scraptaculous gamers Reed Johnson yesterday and Sal Fasano today. Which should just about even things out, right?

Funny, but for all of the pissing and moaning about this team lacking guts or heart, you never seem to hear anybody calling Wilner to complain that the Jays don't have enough skill.

The Cubs just increased their Scrappy Grit Quotient
So Reed Johnson is on his way to the North Side of Chicago. We wonder what the fans there will make of the peculiar, goatish looking facial scruff he sports. Somehow, we doubt that will go over well.

At $1.3 million for one year, Johnson makes a fine low-risk signing for the Cubs, who'll use him as a supersub. We'd wish Reed well, but we know that any success that he has will be followed by a litany of Griffin mailbags second-guessing the move: "You see! I'm more smarter that J.P., because I would have kept Reed Johnson, who's killing it in the weakest division in baseball! I'm totally more smarter and more popular than J.P.! I give out my cell phone number to everyone! I don't have a plan, and everything that I say with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight works out totally perfectly! Did you know that I used to work for the Expos?"

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it should be an interesting year following the unwashed scribbling of blowhard Dick Griffin and his big bag o mail. I imagine the smoke has already started to billow out of his ears once he saw the Cubbies boxscore and saw that Blue Jays cast-off/grit messiah Reed Johnson went 2-5 in his debut.