Monday, March 10, 2008

Roy versus Roy

It's a great fake game matchup this afternoon, as Roy "Intensity in Ten Cities" Halladay takes on the Astros' Roy "I Coulda Sworn You Were Taller" Oswalt.

Sadly, with Cathal Kelly and Robert McLeod having escaped the Redneck Riviera in favour of shoveling their walkways in snowpacked T.O., we're left with perilously little livebloggage.

But wait! Wilner's there, and he's taken it upon himself to handle all of your liveblog needs! Albeit late. He blames Bastian and traffic. A likely excuse.

We note that Wilner has taken to referring to the Spring Training games as "fake games" as well. We got ourselves a meme started here! It's funny to see Wilner have to split hairs with the Jays-Yanks game tomorrow being the "real fake game", as opposed to the simulated games (presumably the "really fake fake games") that Dusty, Beej and Janssen will pitch tomorrow.

Early on, our Roy got tagged for a solo shot by Lance Berkman, while their Roy gave up an RBI double to Hector Luna. (Is he still around?)

Update, 3:30 pm: It's another fake loss, 4-3, with Brandon League taking the loss. (We await the Drunk Jays Fans post game interview with their favorite surfer boy.)

The Jays' pitchers (according to Wilner) were betrayed by faulty infield defense. Whatever people are claiming about Doc getting his personal SS in the regular season, we can't imagine that he'll be pitching in front of an infield of Luna, Scutaro, Adams and Thigpen very often this year. And thank the baby Jeebus for that.


Anonymous said...

Luna, Scutaro, Adams and Thiggy at 1st - now that's just scary! :)

Torgen said...

Now imagine Travis Snider at short. Yes, lefty throwing arm and all.