Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here's where it all goes wrong

Clearly, we were getting spoiled by all of the good news coming out of Dunedin.

First comes the news that the Jays were taking a flyer on Armando Benitez, the free agent head case who has pitched himself out of the closer role on too many teams to name. Which seemed peculiar...

...until we heard from Robert McLeod on the Globe Blog that the linchpin of all hopes and dreams for 2008 Casey Janssen was suffering from shoulder soreness. Shoulder soreness! Argh!!!!! No! Stop!

And so, it begins.

(We can't tell you how painful it was to create an Armando Benitez tag. Jiminy Christmas.)


PRQ said...

And thanks to the wonders of alphabetic sorting, Armando will sit at the top of your tags list forever and ever.

Mets2Moon said...

Should you need it, I am available for Benitez counseling.

Remember, it's not your fault.