Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Southpaws on the Move (Or Not)


Johan Santana is on the move, and it is out of the American League. And moreover, he's not headed to the Yankees or Red Sox, which allows us to breathe a little easier. For now.

Meanwhile, Canadian-Ontarian-Blue-Jay-Fan-By-Birth Erik Bedard was supposed to be headed to Seattle, but meddlesome owner Peter Angelos is on the cusp of nixing the deal. Because that's how he rolls. We have no complaints, though, because the comically inept Angelos regime in Baltimore has given the Jays lots of leeway over the past decade to maintain their mostly-annual third-place finish in the AL East.

Erik Bedard will be a Blue Jay. Oh yes. He will be ours.
While we're talking nixed deals, Jeff Blair blogged that Angelos has put the kibosh on any discussions of a Bedard trade to the Blue Jays. Clearly, the man aspires to finish third in the East at some point before he rolls over and croaks, or before Omar Little gets him.

We've been down this road of Bedard becoming a Jay before. Several times. It's getting to the point that if Bedard does actually sign with the Blue Jays for the 2010 season, it will be completely anti-climactic. (Maybe they can invite Jason Dickson and Corey Koskie to the news conference, just to remind us all of how well this gambit has worked in the past.)

We're tempted to declare a moratorium on all Bedard-to-Toronto posts. But we know that at some point in July, the lack of realistic trade news and speculation will drive us back to this non-story.

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