Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To put this whole Scott Downs contract in context

The White Sox just handed $11 million over two years to the perpetually injured and mostly ineffective Octavio Dotel, ostensibly because he has "closer stuff". Downs managed a 2.17 ERA in 81 appearances last year, while Dotel has pitched in 62 games since 2005, putting up a sparkling 5.63 ERA for Oakland, the Yankees, Kansas City and Atlanta.

So Downs is a relative steal at those numbers.

This is Kenny Williams' second high-priced middle relief signing this year (after Scott Linebrink's slightly more palatable 4-year $19 million deal), and we're rooting for this to blow up good in his face. (Our antipathy towards the South Side's GM hasn't diminished a bit in the years since the Sirotka heist deal. )

Hey, if nothing else, this is the sort of move that's surely going to result in Ozzie Guillen flipping his lid at least a few times this year. And who can put a price on that sort of entertainment value.


Joanna said...

I must say seeing the White Sox go from WS champs to organization in chaos in 3 seasons is very entertaining. It's a nice contrast from the Jays and their running on the spot.

Andrew said...

We're just chillin' here doin' the Runnin' Man.