Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We're opening up the comments...let the madness begin

It's the New Year, so something's gotta change, right?

We've decided to turn over a new leaf, and allow random yahoos to post comments on the blog. We might be getting ourselves into a serious shitstorm, but frankly, we know you're out there reading, and we want to hear what you have to say. As long as it is coherent(ish).

Mind you, we do actually have a vocation and a life beyond the blog, and we're not about to sit around all day moderating the comments. Be nice, for Chrissakes, or we'll turn this goddamn car around and go home, and then you'll have something to cry about.

One thing, though: While you can now post anonymously, do us a favour and leave your name or come up with some sort of clever identifier so that we can tell who's posting. We don't want to try to figure out which "Anonymous" is which.


Anonymous said...

yo Tao, long time reader of the blog (OK, like a year) and agreer (word?) on all things GC Towers and Dick Griffin.
Big Jays fan from Winnipeg here, who believes the Jays greatest middle reliever of all time was Jim Acker and the worst was Frankie Wills (thought I'd throw some random personal info out there).

The Ack.

Andrew said...

Mark Eichorn and Paul Quantrill are the best IMHO... Being from Nova Scotia it may be an east coast/no coast bias.

Anonymous said...

well...yeah...if you want to go and get all SERIOUS about it....but while Eichorn sported a decent enough 'stache, it paled in comaprison to Jimmy's full beard combo. Besides, "The Ack" sounds cooler than "The Eich".

The Ack.