Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Put your hands together for your new third baseman...

The Jays have announced a press conference for 5:45 Eastern tonight to introduce the second coming, Scott Rolen. We'd presume that Rogers customers should be able to see this in full on that JaysVision barker channel.

If they put him in the powder blues at the presser, we'll crap our pants.

"If" is the operative word
Fox Sports' Dayn Perry continues a trend that has been taking off in recent days. Take a look through the clippings over the past week, and you'll see the word "if" dozens of time. If Rolen is healthy...If Wells hits like Wells...If Overbay is able to swing the bat...If A.J. Burnett pitches the whole season...If B.J. Ryan is able to return...If Roy Halladay stays healthy...If Marcum and McGowan pitch at the same level.

Obviously, it means that there is room for optimism, but as has been the case since 1993, that optimism is tempered by a whole lot of caution.

The worst part of this trend: it's left a really bad song by Bread stuck in our noggin all afternoon.


stoeten said...

Before reading that I would have SWORN that Perry HATED the Jays. He doesn't even usually shit on them, he just ignores them.

Zoning Variance said...

Ah, ah. Not the second coming. You're forgetting Hinske, Coskie, AND Glaus (with a little bit of Hillenbrand sprinkled in there). That makes Rolen the FIFTH coming at Third Base in Riccardi's 6/7 year tenure helming the Blue Jays!

Man, does this guy crush on third baggers or what?

Joanna said...

and on shortstops.