Friday, January 18, 2008

Scott Downs has 10 million reasons to smile

True story: when we were 13, we broke our right arm on the first day of the summer holidays. Two days before we were supposed to go to baseball camp. It sucked.

But since we couldn't toss the old horsehide around with our right arm, we taught ourselves to throw lefty. Suprisingly, we managed to figure it out, and ended up able to play a half decent game of catch with the wrong arm. If we'd really worked on it, we might have been able to make the switch permanently.

Of course, when the right arm returned to health, we ditched tossing lefty and never really gave it much thought. Until last night. When Scott Downs signed for three years and $10 million.

Damn it all!

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Torgen said...

I'm sure you've heard of Pat Venditte, the switch pitcher for Creighton. I still think he should be a starter. 170 pitches per start? No sweat!