Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well, that's unexpected!

Wow. This news is so unexpected that we had to check our browser cache to make sure we weren't being redirected to stories from last off-season.If there was one free agent that we figured the J.P. would steer clear of, without question, it was Rod Barajas.

And yet, there it is. The very same lard-assed catcher who bailed inexplicably last off-season on a deal that was as generous as the portions that he takes from the clubhouse spread, only to take less money and less term from the Phillies, has signed a one-year deal with the Jays.

He'll ostensibly back up Gregg Zaun, although there is no clear indication as to who will provide his wardrobe for any episodes of Sportsnet's popular series: "Playoff Action with Ginger and the Catcher".

Barajas wouldn't have been our choice for the backup/other catcher. Our heart belonged to Miguel Olivo, who rebuffed our advances and signed a one year contract with the Royals. Must be those fountains in center field.

It's hardly even worth discussing Barajas' stats from last year, seeing as how he only managed 122 ABs. We're looking at this as an Ohka/Thomson/Zambrano signing for this year. If Barajas goes back to his 2005 form (21 HRs and 60 RsBI), then $1.2 million is somewhat reasonable. If he sucks, then at least we've already got last year's surplus Barajas effigies hanging around the crib, aching to be burned.

We'll say this about Barajas: He may be a walking, talking sebaceous gland, but now, he's our walking talking sebaceous gland.

Long may he waddle around the Rogers Centre.

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Domiso "the shirt burner" Garcia said...

Man...1.2 million can get you so many extra of rawlings finest...