Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Enter laughing

The Wit and Wisdom of Scott "Shecky" Rolen:

"I did bring a tie, but I didn't want to show up J.P.."

"Me and my family, we're gonna tear this place up."

"My daughter told me I was gonna wear 'firty free', so that's the number I'm gonna wear: firty free."

"I can't believe I passed my physical."

"You guys have turf?"

"I'm thinkin' (Gibbons) might be from the South, right?"

Here's the link to the shenanigans.

Two important questions
  • Would it kill J.P. to ditch the gum before he went on camera?
  • Why does Paul Godfrey even need to be there?


Torgen said...

So he's chosen a number one between the Jay most known for freak injuries/illness and the Jay most known for missing time with arm injuries. This bodes well.

Ted_Cassidy said...

He's much funnier than Glaus, all Troy said at his press conference was


Tao of Stieb said...