Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lansing Roadtrip!!! Go Nuts!

Sure, there's been plenty of malarkey about the Blue Jays' top farm team setting up shop in Ottawa. Meanwhile, back here on planet Earth, the team has re-upped with their minor-league affiliate in New Hampshire for four years, and signed two-year agreements in Auburn (the Doubledays of the Single-A NY-Penn League) and Lansing (the Lugnuts of the Single-A Midwest League).

We know SFA about Lansing aside from the fact that Magic Johnson was born there, and that it's home to Michigan State University, but the ballpark looks like a great place to spend a summer night. We were going to suggest a road trip to the see the Jays of the Future this year, but Lansing's just about 100 miles further into Michigan than we would dare venture.

We're way too soft and would be too much of an easy target to last more than 15 minutes west of Flint.


Lindsay said...

I hate having to live in the real world and acknowledge the fact that the there will never be a Jays affiliate in Ottawa... Curse you reality!

It doesn't help that I go by Lynx Stadium roughly four times a day on the transitway.

Screw reality. They're there in my head. Is that healthy?

Darren Priest said...

How scary can Lansing be? Just don't rent a Japanese car.

(And, please, don't bring up how well I tend to do in the big cities)

bdubs said...

I heard that in Flint, hamburger eat you...