Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blue Jays Fan of the Day: Mike Williston

Cheers to Mike of Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia for being brave enough to step into the breach, and represent the Jays in the midst of a Red Sox Nation celebration in Halifax yesterday. (Also, there's video!)

The BoSox brought the World Series trophy to the Maritimes to recognize the team's rabid fan base in the region. And believe us when we say that some of them are literally rabid, frig wha!

Our hero Mike attended the celebration (at Boston Pizza, natch) in full on retro Jays gear. And if history is any guide, we're sure that he's still wringing the beer out of it today.

Cheers to you Mike Williston for brining the noise and representing. You done us proud.


Joanna said...

Haligonians and other Maritimers are the only Canadians allowed to be Sox fans, as far as I'm concerned. Georgraphic proximity, Halifax Explosion. The rest of Canadians who like the Sox, especially post 2000, can kiss it.

Anonymous said...

what is gayer than Red Sox Nation? Nothing, I say.

Hey, was that Dick Griffin sporting a Sox jersey near the end of that video clip?

the ack.

Darren Priest said...

Most of the Sawx fans in Ontario who fill the Rogers Centre when the Red Sox are in town are probably transplanted Maritimers who moved there for work. Like the esteemed owner of this blog...of course, he has conveniently forgotten his humble roots, all the better to scorn us lowly herring chokers.