Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Oh-So Quiet

Is it just us, or is it really disconcertingly quiet around the negotiations on a new contract for Alex Rios?

Sure, Professor Griff had some speculatin' in his column yesterday ( meeeellion dollars!...scary!), but it seems as though the Cone of Silence has dropped over these talks in recent weeks.

What are the chances that Rios pushes this all the way to arbitration?

Rios Wants Noise
Hat tip to the Drunk Jays Fans' Stoeten, who found a quote on the CBS Sportsline Fantasy page that compares Rios to Dave Winfield, and calls him the 11th best outfielder in the (roto) game. More impressive: he posted this late last night after drinking himself into sweet oblivion, punishing his liver with Carlsbergs.

There is a common notion amongst we rotonerds that a player turning 27 is usually a good bet to have a breakout year, which makes us think: wouldn't it be sweet revenge on all of those Giants bloggers who dissed Rios as a marginal outfielder if he were to go 25HRs 100RsBI 20 SBs, while Tiny Tim Lincecum gets smacked around and sent back to the minors?

Not that we wish anybody ill.


Jonathan said...

25 HR? Dream big!! And I think he would have flirted with 100 RBI last year if he wasn't leadoff for so long. If he can just avoid the second-half power curse for once we could have a monster on our hands...

Tao of Stieb said...

Shurely we meant 35 dingers.

Torgen said...

If Rios dings 35 'ers, that VW extension will look pretty stupid.

Lloyd "the barber" Moseby said...

If ol'Dicky is professor griff, does that make Jeff Blair terminator X? I sure hope that it does