Friday, January 21, 2011

Buh-bye Wellsy

Go shrug your way through the season elsewhere.


Andrew said...

I want to say this must be some sort of precursor to something else (maybe a Bautista extension?), but it seems like every time we wait for the other shoe to drop, it never does with Anthopoulos.

Either way, great trade. I was a little concerned with the likeliness of Morrow and Escobar staying beyond 2012, but it looks like the money definitely will be there to retain both of them, if the team wants to.

Also, is it just me, or was Mike Napoli an awesome pickup?

Deere5800 said...

Agreed. I've been thinking all offseason how great Napoli would fit in. Platoons with Lind at first, DHs a bit and fills in at catcher if JPA can't handle it. Perfect fit.

Roberto said...

Brilliant trade if it's true that no $$ is going to California with Wells. Napoli and Rivera are both serviceable players without big contractual obligations attached. Getting serviceable players back AND getting rid of Wells's contract makes the trade brilliant.

I'll miss Wells as a person, but this definitely makes the team better, and, yet again, points to AA setting his sights on contending in 2012 or later.

I do think that Napoli, Encarnacion, Lind and Arencibia are too many bodies for C/1B/DH. Hopefully a further move is in the works.