Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An indictment with fourteen more charges against Barry Bonds

And now that we know this, is there a chance that some of people who tirelessly rant on about the Jays' urgent need for a 43 year-old outfielder who hasn't swung a bat in anger in eight months can shut up and give it a rest already?

We get that in an ideal world, Bonds could contribute greatly to the struggling offence. But seriously, do the Blue Jays really need this? Do they need the headaches that would go along with trying to get him back and forth across the border about 20 times in the next four months, or the negative attention that he would bring to the team?

Even if Bonds were an asset on the field to any team, the idea that you would invest in someone who you knew could be yanked out of your lineup (in handcuffs, no less) before the end of the season doesn't make it worth the risk.


Andrew said...

The prosecutors tried to throw 4 darts at the board but a judge told them they were dull and not actually darts. They just bought a new 14 pack of darts... but I'm sensing they've been ripped off.

Since his next hearing is on June 6th, so if he gets signed now, that's a few weeks of production, if he starts quick. They're taking their time on this so it would be a short absence to say 'Not Guilty' and then he's back until August when he's likely to be summoned next.

What I don't understand is how Bonds gets treated like this but when players get caught drunk driving, hit and running, or killing people while drunk driving they call it a mistake and forget about it.

Win a world series, score some goals for the Leafs, or the Sens, and yer good to go... be a dick about things and you get the Bonds Effect. Bonds has a very high Bertuzzi factor. If only he had more Jeter genes in him.

Tao of Stieb said...

You honestly think that Bonds could step into the lineup tomorrow and start launching rockets into 500 level?

And don't get us wrong: this isn't a moral high ground stance...we just don't think it makes much practical sense to bring in Bonds at this point.

Andy Mc said...

I liked Bonds in the early years, then kinda lost interest in him in the later years, but I must say this:

"I feel SORRY for Barry Bonds !!"

I know the guy has more money than he could ever need, and I am sure the guy is a bit of a pecker head, but he is a HUMAN BEING, and he is being PUNISHED for being a remarkable baseball player! Everybody is out to get him. His longtime friends are even stabbing him in the back and selling him out.

He hasn't really done anything wrong, except lied in court about something that doesn't even affect society. In my mind, he was a steroid freak because he wanted to be a better ballplayer. And I have to admit, if I was in the same situation, I would probably do the same thing!! And it is clearly apparent that just about every player in the Majors would too!

Jim B said...

I honestly believe that Barry Bonds could step in the lineup tommorow and start hitting it in the 500 level. Just as importantly, I honestly think he could draw an OBP over .400

Anonymous said...

Bonds is being "persecuted" for lying to a Grand Jury. If he told the truth, there wouldn't be a problem.

Andrew said...

Bonds is about the opposite of a slow starter. 2006 and 2007 have been right at career norms for April. He takes about 35 spring training at bats to get ready, always showing up late.

Oh well.. it ain't gonna happen. We've got like a billion OF/DH/1B and it hasn't been enough time to evaluate their impact to go out and spend like $8 million on Barroid.

Aside, Stairsy really got into that pitch last night. Offseason hockey should be a regular training regime.