Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another losing streak is finished

Five losses later, the Jays survive an unassisted triple play in the nightcap of last night's double header to salvage a win.


Five and a half back, five back of the Wild Card. Last place in the AL East. And while it is not exactly late, it's scarcely early in the season either.

Before finally busting out with a three-run tenth last night, the Jays had gone 31 innings without pushing across a run. Take a look at the team offensive totals, and you see the Jays languishing near the bottom of almost every category with the likes of the Giants and Royals and Padres.

This is a really bad team offensively. Not one that just needs to get on track either. It's just bad, and after six weeks of play, we're not sure when the moment of great clarity is supposed to occur, when the Jays pull themselves out of this funk.

We're coming to a sad realization: that 2006 was the aberration, not 2007.


the ack said...

tao....you're bringing me right down, dude. with big bats like Velandia and Scoot-aro in the lineup, wre're sure to bust out of this. right? right???

silvestre said...

Sometimes, when I'm drunk, I like to pretend that Inglett (LF) and Scoots (DH) are our own little pocket versions of Manny and Papi. Then I sober up and weep, mostly for the children - who will never get to see a game-winning home run, or a 5-run comeback win.

eyebleaf said...

keep the faith. the yanks are where we are, as are the tigers and indians, and our bats have been way worse. we've got the pitching, and like JP, i believe we will turn this ship around.

Tao of Stieb said...

We'll never hop off the bandwagon.

We're just a little dizzy and nauseated from it going backwards for the past season and a quarter.

Andrew said...

suck it up buttercup.

Go Jays!