Thursday, May 8, 2008

Missed opportunities

Well that sucks.

Not that we want to engage in any discussions of the relative merits of scrappy left fielders. But Shannon Stewart has to take that bat of his shoulder with a man at third and the pitch dead red right down the middle of the plate in extra innings. That was just brutal.

There's no excuse for the Jays handing this game back to the Rays. None.

P.S. We think Shawn Camp may be a double agent. Somebody hook up some electrodes to his nether regions and make him deny it.


G said...

I love Stewart but you are right. Gotta swing. I'm pretty confident he'll be fine when it is all said and done. His numbers even last year were quite good considering he played in Oakland, a pitchers' park with massive foul territory that creates some extra outs. In the Dome, I bet he is close to .300 at the end.

the ack said...

Once Stewart stood there and watched that meatball slice the heart of the strike zone for the K, I could feel in my gut that it was game, set, and match. And I don't even like fucking tennis.