Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Massive offensive explosion!

Ten hits! Five runs! Put 'em on the boooooooooard...yes! Jays win!

It's just one win, and we're not going to ascribe any more meaning to it than it deserves. But it was a relief to see the Jays actually hit the ball solidly into the outfield with runners on base last night. Notably, Shannon Stewart actually looked a little more comfortable at the plate last night, even if his fourth inning RBI double was a bit of a gift from former teammate Mike Cuddyer.

Gibbons Watch returns
It's been a while since we made use of the Gibbons Watch tag on the blog, but seeing as how we are convinced like everyone else that he's about to get the can tied to him any day now, every decision he makes is going to be examined under a microscope.

Like last night's decision to pull Jesse Litsch after 70 pitches. We kinda get the rationale, given that the Twins big bats were coming up and the Jays have oodles of lefties in their pen now. Still, it seemed like the move of a manager who is coaching to save his job (hello, Carlos Tosca!). Last night's moves worked more or less...well...Jesse Carlson giving up a triple probably wasn't the anticipated result, but they got the win anyhow. But if Gibby continues to be this aggressive in his management style and it doesn't work, he's going to get pilloried.

Then again, he probably would anyway.


eyebleaf said...

i hope gibbons stays. for once, let the onus fall on the god damn players

Andrew said...

It doesn't seem to matter that Litsch has just pitched 3 straight games of 7 innings plus and he's 23. It's not game 7 of the world series, that's for sure.

What I'm starting to worry about is how Gibbons is playing Marcum like Doc. Both haven't thrown less than 100 pitches since their first starts of the season. They both need an easy work load for the next 2 starts or else I feel a burn out coming around the allstar break for Marcum.

Torgen said...

Litsch never even had a full year of AAA. You either blow out his arm, or you pull the plug before the end of September, or you take him out of a few games early along the way.

Andy MC said...

Watch the games closer boys!!!

The player hate Gibbons as much as any of us. If you want to get your manager fired, you do a sloppy job until the big boss notices and cans him !!

THAT IS WHAT THE PLAYERS ARE DOING!!! And they will keep tanking until they FIRE GIBBONS !!!

Lloyd the Barber said...

You must have a REALLY high definition TV if you can infer the feelings and emotions of baseball players towards their field general.

Tao of Stieb said...

Maybe those new Samsungs come with Empathoray Technology, which allows the viewer to sense the innermost thoughts and feelings of the people on the screen.

Imagine watching Pam Anderson in VIP on that baby!