Saturday, May 3, 2008

3-0! Undefeated in May

The powerhouse Jays are unstoppable! Sure, the Chicago Southsiders booted the ball around the park in today's 5-2 win, but at least the Jays were able to take advantage. It certainly wasn't the case last month...but April seems like so long ago, doesn't it?

More media thoughts
We're not going to beat any dead horses, but we would like to concur with the Drunk Jays Fans' Stoeten with regard to the fact that the Prime Time Sports crew should stop talking baseball. In Friday's show, the assembled crew got themselves worked into a lather about two year old minor league contract signings, and actually got simultaneously angry about the fact that J.P. Ricciardi had a "FIVE YEAR PLAN!!!", and that he had "NO PLAN"!!! Seriously guys...would you all like for J.P. to send you the Jays' player personnel strategy in a duotang so that you can review it and sign off on it?

We get that BobCat McCown hates J.P. since he refused to come on the show, but his petty vendetta against the Jays GM is tiresome.

And by the way: Is it just us, or is James Deacon getting a little dimmer with each passing year? Maybe we just gave him too much credit to begin with, since he is well-coiffed and well-dressed and wears glasses. Lately, Deacon sounds like Captain Obvious on the air, piping in with incredibly dull "insight". We get the impression that he's just hanging around the studio, agreeing with McCown, because he's got nothing better to do.


The Reverend said...

I was hoping for 0 runs allowed in May, but I suppose that was a pipe dream. I'll take the 3-0 though.

Gerald said...

I j8st started reading your blog. Good stuff here.

Incidentally, as a frequently appalled listener of McCown, I have concluded that Ricciardi has gotten on his shit list as well, much like Rob Babcock (and McCown probably feels he singlehandedly got Babcock fired, thus emboldening him). I specifically know why Babcock got there (I heard the interview where he got on the list), but are you aware of a specific reason or incident that got Ricciardi on the proverbial list?

Andrew said...

I could care less about McCow. What I do care about is Uber Doc and leading 4-0 through 4.

Aside, next year the Jays should wear retro jerseys all the time and bring out the angry bird for throw back friday.