Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ernie Whitt for General Manager!

Getting this out of the way first: hooray, a win. Lyle Overbay rocks, just like we knew he would.

But the real fireworks tonight were on the post-game show, and we can only hope that Wilner gets the thing posted soon so that you can hear the lunacy for yourself.

One particularly well-informed caller complained about J.P.'s lack of GM skills, then suggested that Ernie Whitt should be named the General Manager (not Manager, mind you, but GM!) We get the fact that sometimes, these alleged Jays fans are looking for any port in a storm to sort out what ails the team, but this has to rank up there with the all-time nuttiest ideas ever. (Not just on JaysTalk...we're talking in the history of the world.)

Wilner was so flabbergasted, he actually thought out loud "I don't know how much longer this being nice to the callers thing can last." (That might not be it word for word, but it is pretty much what he meant.)

The audio should be up in the familiar Rogers Radio digital confines later tonight, so go have a listen, and check out the subsequent pro-Ernie calls.

In a season that has been decidedly "meh", the JaysTalk callers never disappoint with their abilities to provide highly entertaining nonsensical pontifications.

Speaking of "meh"
A.J.'s mohawk? Lame. It's like he went to get a hair cut, but the strip through the middle opted out.

(In our head, that was way funnier).

Radio silence?
We're off on a secret mission for a week or so, but will be checking in as time permits.
We're traversing time zones, so cut us a little slack if we're not necessarily on top of the latest news and notes.

Don't you forget about we.


Anonymous said...

That's even dumber than when a caller in the late 90's (back when Scott Ferguson was manning the phones on JaysTalk) suggested they could solve their middle infield problems by playing Carlos Delgado at second base. I know it seems like a lot to remember a 10 year old call, but that kind of stupidity sticks with you.

Andrew said...

Frohawks were cool in 2005. Get with the times AJ!

And I wouldn't not support Ernie Whitt for manager but GM? Heh.

eyebleaf said...

burnett is clearly on drugs - the mohawk and "hanging tough" again? jeeez.

and how could we forget about you, tao!?

Brendan said...

I feel bad for Mike, it's gotta be frustrating dealing with some of those people that write/call in, and it probably drives him nuts. I wrote a comment yesterday, pretty much agreeing with a point of his and expanding on it, and his reply was to disagree with me. I think the crazies have got him spinning in circles.

daryl said...

I'm extremely perplexed at AJ's deepening embrace of the trappings of white trash culture. Can't remember what player it was that said he had the worst taste in music of anyone in the clubhouse, too.

Just goes to show you that making millions of dollars will not buy you any class.

Andrew said...

A.J. Burnett was born in North Little Rock, Arkansas. He can't go against his genetics.

Joanna said...

the Mohawk is still better than the trailer park mullet he was rocking for a period last season. and hanging tough is funny, guys.

Anonymous said...


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