Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At least they lead the league in something

After hitting into three more tonight, your Toronto Blue Jays have pulled away from the competition and now solidly lead the league in grounding into double plays with a magnificent 58. Oh, and they probably lead the league in hitting into triple plays as well.

A note of caution about this stat: Yeah, it's as frustrating as all get out when you see the Jays snuff out another rally in this manner, but at the same time, the mighty BoSox and their unstoppable offense rank second in this category, so we're not even sure if it means anything.

A few other random thoughts:

You can't pitch around Vlad
Didja see the pitch that he hit for the three-run bomb in the third? Yeah, sure, we got to see him hit those on the occasional Expos game that was briadcast back in the day, but it's still pretty stunning to see him go that far inside and hit it like it was a fastball grooved down the middle of the plate.

When is an RBI not a cause for celebration?
When you see Alex Rios drive in a run (finally), but he looks very much like he did in his rookie year, when he was pretty much a soft singles hitter. And of course, when he does put a ride into a ball tonight, he gets robbed by Sarge Junior. Somedays, we hate this stupid game.

JaysTalk listeners: LISTEN UP TO THIS, IDIOTS
For the last goddamn time...this is Major League MickeyFicking Baseball. This isn't your glory days on the crushed gravel Little League diamonds of Buttfuck, Wherever. This is the Big Leagues, so STOP TALKING ABOUT BUNTING! We get that you're a frickin' Mosquito League coach who teaches fundamentals to all of the ADD cases that get pawned off on you, and we're sure that you're the Sparky Anderson or Casey Stengel of Barrie or North Bay or whatever. But laying down a bunt and hoping that the fielders working their way through their awkward phase throw it over the chain link back stop and into the swamp behind doesn't work at this level.

Seriously. Stop extrapolating your experience in adolescent scrub leagues onto the players who are infinitely more capable than you or your inbred demon spawn.

Much obliged.


eyebleaf said...

i'm not sure how many more double plays i can handle.

fuck, tao, fuck!

The Southpaw said...

Yo, it was Garret Anderson who caught that Rios drive. I'll assume that it was an honest mistake and you don't think They all look the same.

Steg said...

boy that juan pierre and his .300 slugging pct. would look great in a jays uniform

Andrew said...

Adam Dunn sure would too.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we get someone with more power into the line up like, say,'s SUNshine Girl ??

just askin'

`fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

JP needs to do something quickly with the Jays lineup. I can't stand how the Jays organization is saying they are all good and everything will pan out. Yo JP, with the lineup you send out there on a daily basis don't expect a playoff game to be played on the Skydome field, yes I said Skydome!

Also, I do understand that the budget is kind of thin and there isn't much room.

Jim B said...

If the Jays bunted more, perhaps we would see less double plays and more runs. You don't bunt when you have a three-run homer threat in the lineup, but I honestly do not see any of those threats. When there is a runner at first and second for the Jays, I just assume there will be a double-play.

Archimedes said...

As previously observed: The Toronto Blue Jays have currently hit into 58 double plays in only 4 games.

That pace puts them on course to record 196 double plays by the end of the season, a mark that would shatter the previous MLB record of 174 set by the 1990 Boston Red Sox

Archimedes said...

*edit: only 48 games, not 4. Obviously.