Thursday, October 11, 2007

Taoist activity: flatlining

We really didn't intend to go silent this week, but unfortunately, numerous and sundry real life issues have monopolized our time.

We should probably take one of those effective time management courses to help us sort these issues out, but they'd just tell us to stop screwing around with all the blogging. Screw that.

A quick thought on Denbo
We heard Bob McCown railing on and on last night about Fennis Gary Denbo's piss-poor minor league career. This seems like a preview of what we'll get from the Bobcat on a constant loop next season whenever the Jays struggle at the plate: ".208 minor league average! No home runs! He was a bum!" We know Bob does it to be entertaining, so we won't put that much stock in his rantings. We're willing to give Denbo a pass on this matter as we've come to learn that there is no greater path to wisdom than futility and failure.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

To me slagging Denbo for how he hit in his career makes as much sense as dismissing Einstein's contributions to physics because he got bad grades in high school math. What does natural ability have to do with how well you know or can teach hitting?