Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bobby Kielty - Masshole saviour

Our good pal the Sox fan has taken to the exclamation "The Massholes are lovin' it!" In fact, he drops it pretty much a dozen times per game.

A squib single? "The Massholes are lovin' it!"

Routine ground ball, 4-3? "The Massholes are lovin' it!"

Manny, against all odds, making a behind-the-neck-cap-flying-off catch? "The Massholes are lovin' it!"

Well, the Massholes can't be loving the fact that the lynch pin of their comeback is former Jays trading chip and flaming ginger Bobby Kielty, who the Projo Sox Blog says will get the start over all $15 million worth of J.D. Drew.

The decision to start Kielty is a numbers play, as he is 9 of 29 with two homers, four doubles and 7 RsBI against Game 5 starter C.C. Sabathia. Still, there's something amiss when your big off-season free agent pick up has to sit because he can't hit lefties.

(Or so says us, the fans of the team that couldn't hit nothin' all year, no way no how.)

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Darren Priest said...

I doubt the Massholes are loving the situation they are in now. Daisuke has been worth every penny. If nothing else, the nation can comfort themselves with the fact that there is always next year.