Monday, October 15, 2007

The Tracks of Suzyn Waldman's Tears

We grew up listening to WFAN in New York, and spent many nights listening to Suzyn Waldman's work reporting on the Knicks and Yankees. We always thought that she was an excellent reporter; knowledgeable and above all, professional. She didn't traffic in clich├ęs, and she didn't tip-toe around players or management to appease them. She was good, regardless of gender, and we always appreciated hearing her rasp pop up over the airwaves.

Which is why we took little joy in viewing her getting her ass handed to her last week after she got choked up in the post game show after Joe Torre and the Yanks were shown the door by Cleveland last week.

In truth, a lot of the criticism of Waldman's performance last week stems from her absurd, overwrought boosterism when Roger Clemens announced in May that he was creeping back to the Bronx to steal their money limp away in shame lead the Yankees back to the promised land.

Waldman's since come back swinging, accusing her critics of being "anti-female". While we think that those who held her up for ridicule protested a bit too much, we'd suggest that it wasn't sexism that drove this campaign against Waldman so much as it was the schadenfreude at seeing the Yankees fail again so gracelessly.

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