Sunday, October 14, 2007

Decline and Fall

This brief, miserable chapter of Eric Gagné's career may soon be over. We can't imagine the team going back to him after yet another late inning blow up.

Mind you, Gagné wasn't a complete washout in the Sox 13-6 loss to the Tribe on Saturday night. A walk and a hit for some relievers wouldn't warrant wearing the goats horns, but we still have the image of Gagné as the "Game Over", lights out shut down man strutting in from the bullpen in Chavez Ravine. With limited success over the past three seasons, he's just not that guy anymore.

Stat of the Weekend
Five hours, fourteen minutes. For a game that needlessly started at 8:37 on a Saturday night. Ridiculous.

Can't Stop the Rox
You remember how the Jays kept saying that they needed to get on a roll? Well 20 wins in 21 games is a roll. It's almost hard to imagine that this is the team that the Jays piled up on 9-8, 11-6, and 5-0 (Dusty Lambchops' complete game gem) for a three-game sweep back in June. Maybe we're being sore losers, but if the Jays were in the NL West, they'd be perennial contenders. Oh, if only plate tectonics could accommodate our playoff aspirations.

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