Thursday, October 4, 2007

A night with a Red Sox fan

We spent last night watching the first game of the ALDS with our good pal, the Red Sox fan. We love the guy, but we were glad that there was alcohol involved.

It went a little something like this:

"The Sox...they look good!"
"Mmm hmm."

(Two minutes later.)
"They're lookin' good, those Sox. They're looking good!"
"Yeah, they are."

(Five minutes later.)
"Man, Beckett's mowing 'em down! He looks good!"
"Yeah yeah, he does."

(Just after Big Papi hit his two-run homer.)
"Big Papi's dialed in! He's going to be great this postseason!"
"Mmm hmmm."

(Several innings and several drinks later.)
"They're unstoppable! They're gonna run over these guys! The Massholes are lovin' it."
"They sure do."

(Beckett cruises through another inning.)
"Look at this Beckett! He looks amazing!"
"Yeah, he sure does."

(Lackey gets pulled for Big Erv Santana.)
"They raked him over the coals!"
"Well, aside from the one inning, he pitched pretty well and kept them in it."

At least there were no drinks or foodstuffs thrown.

Still, we can't wait to hit our tavern of choice on Friday to catch game 2, and bask in the unabashed enthusiasm of our pal. It reminds us of why we love the game, and it makes us dream of the day that the Jays will be in the playoffs, so that we can return the favour. (It might be a while.)

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