Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sweeping the Division Series Away

Wow...where did the Division Series go? The first round seems to be over before it even got started, with the distinct possibility that the two AL series will be toast by the time the tryptophan kicks in tonight.

Hey, not that we're complaining...We're happy to see the Cubs and Phils cooling their heels until next year. Tant mieux, and all that.

But the first round of the playoffs is usually the most fun, and to see it gone so quickly make us wonder if the first round should be extended to a seven game series. (We know, we know...the baseball season is long enough.)

Anyways, enjoy your turkey weekend...we'll be giving thanks for another evening spent with our pal the BoSox fan.

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The Mad Hatter said...

Did The Nation Member you watched the game with get affected by Sportsnet falling asleep at the switch?

Not sure if you heard about this yet, but who didn't have Sportsnet West didn't get to see game three, and instead was treated to The Best Damned Sports Show's 11th Annual Miss Hooters International Competition.

Zelkovich summed it up pretty nicely in The Star...