Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Tao's World Series Predictions

Here are five solid lock predictions for the 2007 RoxSox World Series:
  1. Our pal the Red Sox fan will inadvertently (or so he'll claim) verbally or physically abuse us at least once in the middle of a wild celebration dance.
  2. We will be treated to three hours worth of footage of pitchers blowing into their hands.
  3. Dick Griffin will make an allusion to the fact that the Jays passed on Troy Tulowhatever in the draft. (Bob Elliot's already beaten him to the punch.)
  4. We'll have to miss at least one game in the Series, having already used up all of our "Get Out of Social Events with Mrs. Tao in Favour of Baseball Playoff Nights with our Scumbag Friends" cards for one October.
  5. The Red Sox will win, and the Massholes will love it.

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