Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Tribe - Awesomely Evil!

Remember the whole "Good vs. Evil" meme that we tried to start for the Division Series? Well, the Indians are proving to be amazingly evil, in the best possible way.

The G and M's Jeff Blair blogs this morning that the Tribe has invited country music strumpet Danielle Peck (seen above...mrrroawr!) to sing the National Anthem before tonight's game...a game to be started by Josh Beckett, who just happened to have had something of a dalliance at some point with Ms. Peck.

That, friends, is what we call gamesmanship.

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Darren Priest said...

Something tells me Josh Beckett won't be up all night eating cookie dough and bitching about his ex. He's a young, rich, and famous athlete. I think the word I'm searching for here is, "Next!"