Thursday, April 19, 2007

You take the good, you take the bad, you take 'em both and there you have...

Well, that makes for an interesting day.

The Good: Getting name-checked by Deadspin (Thanks, Will!), Doc going 7 1/3 strong, the Big Hurt finally hitting something with a bat, and Rios and Wells continuing to hit for extra bases.
The Bad: Marcum and Frasor spitting the bit, another SkyDome/Rogers Centre Manny Mash, the Jays being held to three runs by Edward James Olomos Julian Tavarez (WTF!), Adam Lind stranding three runners and Aaron Hill stranding four, slipping into a third place tie with the Orioles.

If nothing else, I learned a new word today: Massholes!


Unknown said...

Anyone figured out why Gibbons took out Halladay in the eighth yet?

Jawn said...

Man, that was bad today. I even took the afternoon off to watch that. Frustrating. I figure Gibby wants to get the team used to a set-up guy and a closer every night when possible. Try and give Frasor some confidence. Or maybe he just wanted the lefty in. Oh well, the Jays will do well this year and aggravate the hell out of me too. That's the BlueJay way.

Tao of Stieb said...

I think that Gibbons was being cautious with Halladay, especially since he pitched 10 innings in his last start.

But given Doc's efficiency, and the hitters that were coming up, I'd let him go at least one more batter, and if he could get him in three of four pitches, maybe two more.

I'm the Gibby apologist on this blog (Shortwaveboy pulls his hair out every time Gibbons waddles out to the mound, or pencils Matt Stairs into the lineup). But I'm a little wary of him getting too cute out there.