Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Power Surge in Boston

After mailing in the series against Baltimore on the weekend, the bats came alive in Beantown last night. Frank Thomas blasted one with authority for his 3rd of the year while Aaron Hill kept up his torrid pace (when compared to last year) by hitting his fourth in 18 games. Now let us pray that this article won't jinx any potential momentum.


Jawn said...

Here we go! The last couple of games Thomas has looked better. We need Glaus back soon to give us that swagger and confidence. The Jays just need to hit in the runs like last year so they don't have to worry about the bullpin blowing the game. Halladay tonight! I feel this is going to be the start of a good streak. Forget B.J. Ryan & start McDonald in place of Clayton. Clayton has been hitting but he seems a little weak with the long throws. Go Jays.

HeWhoKnows said...

One doesn't like to pin a team's chances on one game so early in the season, but if the Jays can't win tonight with the good doctor on the mound, then they may as well throw in the towel for this season. Tonight is a make or break game for the Jays.

Justin Beach said...

Sorry - couldn't find an email addy I just wanted to let you know that I've included Tau of Stieb in the sports blogs on publicbroadcasting.ca


If you have any questions or don't want it in there, please let me know.