Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ohka throws cheese

What a lovely way to enjoy the first outdoor home game of the season.

A timely, outstanding outing for Ohka this afternoon. Given how deeply they had gone into their pen over the weekend, the 7 IP, 5 hit, 1 earnie outing was exactly what the Jays needed to help reset themselves.

Ohka had lots of movement on his pitches, and got ahead of the Rangers more often than not. He still walked 3 versus 2 Ks, but really, why would we want to whinge?

We'll even let Gibby's starting Matt Stairs a pass, especially since Rios cranked his fourth dinger of the season as soon as he came into the game.

By the way, does anyone know a stats service where we can find the number of inherited runs allowed? We ask because seeing everyone marvel at Scott Downs and his 0.00 ERA makes us suspicious. We've only been able to find the leaderboard on Stats Inc. Oh, and your AL leader in this category, having stranded all 12 runners he has inherited? Justin Speier. Just sayin'.

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