Friday, April 20, 2007

"I just want to get as many lefty bats in there as possible"

This is John Gibbons' reason for keeping Vernon Wells (Vernon Effing Wells!) on the bench.

Doesn't this seem just a little too frickin' random?

If you're gonna spend $95 million on player salaries, shouldn't you have someone marshaling those troops with something more than old wives tales and homespun remedies as his guide?

(And then, as I'm writing this, V-Dub comes in and drives in two runs. As if to prove my point.)

The Gibbons Watch is on. In full effect.


Unknown said...

I'm starting to think it may have been a better idea to sign bullpen arms than sign Frank Thomas.

Maybe that's the frustration talking.

Tao of Stieb said...

Bullpen arms like Justin Speier?

(9.1, 9Ks, 0.96 ERA, 0.64 WHIP, .071 BAA)

Naaah...why would the Jays bother themselves with that shite?