Friday, April 27, 2007

Two Sweeps* in a Row!!

Yep, the brooms were out in the Big Apple last night as the Jays took the one game series from the Yankees. We'll take what we can after the horrendous play this past weekend. In any case, here are some highlights:

- AJ Burnett! AJ Burnett! AJ Burnett! Burnett's curveball was nasty last night which meant that he could really laser in some fastballs. The result was a 4 hit 7 innings of shutout ball against the Yanks. Good on you AJ. Now, do that 20 more times.

- John Gibbons for quietly continuing to allow the Jays to be aggressive on the basepaths. Vernon Wells has done as much damage on the basepaths in the past week as he has with his bat or glove. The pressure on the Yankees defence last night was obvious.

- The bullpen combo of Jeremy Accardo and Scott Downs shut things down in the last two innings.

The lowlights:

-The umpiring in Yankee Stadium continued to be convenient for the Yanks. Even the heavily biased YES broadcast team admitted that a couple of key calls were clearly wrong. "Looked like a strike to me" Leiter was forced to admit after seeing a replay on a pitch that Burnett badly needed to stop a Yankee rally.

- Watching the YES broadcast was annoying to say the least. Al Leiter seems to have forgotten that he was a Jay at one time (when he wasn't nursing blisters for 3 years) and takes every opportunity to crap on them. He was highly critical of AJ Burnett (a former teammate in Florida) last night in ways that are unnecessary and ultimately embarrassing given the outcome.


Drew said...

I was somewhat refreshed to hear someone call AJ out for squandering his talent. Your comment "his curveball was nasty" is along the same lines as Leiter's comment "he threw 25 change-ups and was unhittable." The point is, he falls in love with the hard stuff and weeps and cries when people get on/he doesn't get calls.

shortwaveboy said...

He definitely has his faults. All you have to do is see his record to see that. But to paint the guy as an idiot for the way he acted when he was 23 as Leiter did last night, was pretty hypocritical. Expecially since Leiter had his first good year until 9 years after his major league debut. That was my point.